Saturday, February 14, 2009

Puppy Love Tag Book

I thought Valentine's Day might be a nice day to share my Puppy Love Tag Book I received from the swap Karla hosted. It arrived all wrapped up so sweet and pretty!

Karla created all of the covers for them...mine shows a vintage photo of a sweet young couple with a heart of handpainted flowers around them. She tied up the tags with lovely ribbons, a heart shaped "Puppy Love" tag and added a scottie dog and heart charms!
(02-23-09) Edited to add this next photo...because I realized the "Puppy Love" heart had gotten flipped to the back of the book and it's too cute to be hidden. Also, today I added a vintage rhinestone pin (or is it a brooch? I'm not sure of the difference) to the cover. Back when I was gathering up supplies to make tags for the swap, I came across a Poodle pin that I'd gotten at an antique mall last summer. I set it aside to add to my book when it got here, but just now got around to doing it. I think it's a nice addition.

The first tag in my book is from Brenda Romine...the image she used for "devotion" is perfect and heart-warming. I love the tab on the side that says "love"--it reads "always" on the other side.

The tag from Amy Wald just makes me want to say "aaawwwhhhh"...what a cute little guy and his puppy! The crepe paper ruffle sewn to the bottom is a great touch.

I love the way Amy also prettied up the back of her tag.

The next tag was created by Kathy Lowry...the 1938 calendar is a great background and Kathy added a tiny heart sticker next to February 14!

I love the sparkly JOY wings on the back...

Gretchen Schaumann made this tag...the background paper is a pretty flocked one and I love the face on that sweet pup!

Debe Leone designed this one...the little dog bones coming out of the button on the bakers twine are adorable! Actually, there are a lot of wonderful details on this oh-so-sweet tag...

and on the back too!

The day I got my tag book in the mail, I got so tickled to see a tag from Shawn! Shawn lives about 15 minutes away from me. We met at Karla's Bloggers Tea Party last summer, have become fast friends and like to carpool when we go to Craft Day at Karla's--it makes the hour or so drive a lot more fun.
I've always loved Shawn's work...she adds lots of texture and depth and sparkle. The photo on her tag is raised up and the heart and key are too.

The back of Shawn's tag is a piece of art by itself...aren't those owls cute?

I made this last tag. When I was painting my backgrounds, I had painted a couple extra in case I messed up on one of them. I'm glad to say that I escaped a mess-up so decided to make a tag to add to my book when it arrived.

I want to say thank you to all of the artists for your pieces of tag loveliness! And a big thank you to Karla for all of the organizing and time and creativity she gave to this swap...I've spent a lot of time admiring and enjoying my little tag book!

"Happy Valentine's Day!"



3rdEyeMuse said...

that is a wonderful little happy heart day treat. :)

Teresa aka Tess said...

Wow, what a lovely tag book. A wonderful Valentine to be treasured all year long. The artists involved took such care in designing their tags. I must find time to join a swap sometime. Thanks for sharing.

Gretchen said...

Thanks Marilyn for visiting my blog and letting me know you rec'd one of the tags I made. It has really been a fun first swap for me, and I've learned so much about layering just looking at all of the rest of the swappers beautiful creations.
Stop by again-
Gretchen said...

I'm glad you added one of your own tags to the book, I hope a lot of people do that! They can be made much bigger, my book is huge!

Thanks again, Marilyn!

Unknown said...

this is so pretty! I love tags anyway! Melinda

MaygreenFairies said...

Beautiful tag book! Really enjoyed visiting your blog. Mandy x

kathy said...

Marilyn , so glad you liked your tag -- it was so much fun creating them and when I got mine -wow ! was so happy - Wonderful pieces of heart art and puppy love =
I love my book - and yours and all are great !!! kathy - ga

Cindy said...

These are just so so cute! I've been seeing em on other peoples really cute.


Jo Anne O. said...

Hi Marilyn! I thought it was time to drop over and see what you have been up to lately...contrary to popular belief, I have not fallen off the edge of the world...just taking a health break! This tag book is just darling!!!

Shawn said...

Oh so happy you liked your tag! Can't wait for craft day too! It will be fun! Thanks for my little annie tag I need to get that added to my book :)

Our Hands For Hope said...

What a cute idea this is. They sure turned out fun.

Unknown said...

those tags are just darling!

Debe said...

Glad you liked your tag. It is fun seeing who got the ones that you made. Thank you for the sweet comments. Wasn't it fun??