Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Technique Tag Book

About a week ago I received my tag book from the Creative Swaps Technique Tags Swap...
All of the tags are beautiful and include directions for the techniques used!

From Laura Hummel in Maryland:

Yvette Snowden, also in Maryland:

Lisa Mallette, studiorose, in Florida:

Lenna Andrews, creativelenna, in Florida:

Marianne Baugher, ruffhavenpaper, Maryland:

Sue Stout, who also lives in Missouri (like me):

Kitty Mitchell in New York:

Rena Matus in Connecticut:

Joy Meadows, fifisdaughter, Ohio:

And my tag, which Lenna used for the cover of my book...

...and I imagine she did the same with the other tag books--making each person's tag the cover of their own book--what a fun idea!

Thanks, Lenna, for a wonderful swap and for your time and care to make it so!

Lenna is hosting a new swap for mail-art if you'd like to give it a try. The details are here. I'm looking forward to it. Mail Art has intrigued me for some time and this will be the perfect opportunity to jump in. There are already over 40 artists signed up and it will be great to see what others create.