Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Intentions/Excuses and Creative Swaps Mail Art

Alas, my poor neglected little blog! My intentions are good, but my weekdays are full and my evening energy is pretty much non-existent.....AND I wouldn't change a thing! Remember my sweet grandbaby born almost a year ago? And my new childcare "job"? Well, after having the summer off, we're back at it and I love our time together;)

This is Liam on Thanksgiving (sorry for the sunny glare):

His mommy's little rocking chair came down from the attic and he was trying it out--nice fit, I'd say. I sent it home with them for a second generation of memory making...*sighs* and *smiles*.


So now, after making the proper excuses;) how about some pics of creative stuff?

I think I'll pick up again with another Creative Swaps project...this time, Mail Art.

I started with white 5x7 envelopes and traced mandalas onto the fronts and part of the flaps. I colored them with my favorite prismacolor pencils and filled in the rest of the white space with coordinating chalks. After protecting them with a spray sealer, rubber stamped words and images were added. The postage photo is one I took in Taos, NM and used to create stamps at Zazzle during one of their postage sales.

(backs of the envelopes)

Although it was optional, I decided to include a postcard (which just happened to be the perfect size) in each of the envelopes--more rubber stamping, my contact info and faux postage--very simple. I also included the web address for the mandalas I traced.

All of the envelopes were mailed individually to Lenna so they would go through the postal system. After the Dec. 4th deadline, Lenna will swap out the envelopes and return them to us in a mail art envelope that she creates.

I've been enamored with mail art for a such a long and I was so excited when I read about this mail art swap! I can't wait to see the pieces I receive back and I'll share them with you when they arrive! For now, there are many to see on the Creative Swaps blog and they're wonderful!