Monday, June 30, 2008

Winner's Circle

I knew that the book Collaborative Quilting would surely inspire me and I haven't been disappointed.

I can only look at a few pages before I'm daydreaming about new quilt projects. Today, I was actually able to read several pages, but before long, I was in the craft room digging through my fabric stash. I grabbed this one and that one, I lined them up, I stacked them up, I moved them around. I would take a piece of fabric out of the line up thinking it didn't work and put it away...only to pull it back out again and discover it really did work.

The process of choosing fabrics for a project is one of my favorite parts and I almost always completely lose track of time. At the end of that indeterminate amount of time, when I think I've reached a satisfying combination, I stand back and look and let myself enjoy the selections.

I am aware, however, that nothing is definite and, in the creating, things can sometimes change. So, for now, these are the pieces that made it to the winners' circle:

And speaking of winners, I'm so excited that I won Mother Henna's Mad Tea Party Giveaway! She was participating in Vanessa's (A Fanciful Twist) Mad Tea Party and was giving away two of her beautiful tea cups. I'm so thrilled to win! I read Mother Henna regularly--it's a blog that just overflows with goodness and inspiration!

I'm going to close this post with a piece of fabric that jumped out during the raid on my stash fun is this?

Looks like Alice and another Mad Tea Party!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Projects: Present and Future

Today I finished piecing my quilt top for Doll Quilt Swap 4. Since this is a secret round robin swap, I can show you my progress without spoiling the surprise for my partner. Even if they would happen across this post, they wouldn't know the quilt is for them.

I'm pretty pleased with the results so far--I really like the colors.

Also today, in the mail, I received the purchase I made for a future project, this beautiful vintage rosette fabric from paperhillfabrics:

Don't you just love when your purchases come wrapped like this?!

And you get an unexpected extra giftie that you adore?! This fat quarter is just that and I think it's gorgeous!

I found this incredible seller when I came across her new blog Hometown Girl. Susan sells other vintage goodness too--gifts, wallpaper, jewelry, etc., not just fabric.

I bought this book today and it is SURE to inspire a future project!

These two quilting artists use lots of wonderful color and free-form construction--my head is already spinning with ideas! I love when that happens and it often happens when I'm already working on something (or two or three somethings). I do believe that creating begets creativity.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Fun

It was the relaxing weekend that I had hoped for and we ended it Sunday evening with some family-and-friends-FUN. We had delayed celebrating hubby's Father's Day by a week so that we could attend this Kansas City T-Bones baseball game. It can be tricky for our family of eight to get together and we missed our son-in-law this time due to work. But, with seven of us and a couple of the kids' friends, off we went!

The weather really cooperated--sunshine, comfortable temperatures--and seats in the shade made it even nicer. The game was great, complete with entertainment between innings. And you can be sure, even on his special day, that Rick planned extra family fun for every inning (musical chairs, guessing games i.e. number of strikes/inning, etc). He brought prizes (dollar store items, gum, mints, etc.) and provided us with more than just a few good laughs. Sometimes we like to pretend that we're humoring him, but we love it all and we love him! Can't think of a better reason to celebrate!


Friday, June 20, 2008

What are you doing this weekend?

I didn't need to ask about Emma's plans...she's a 17 year old prima donna who does whatever she pleases and at this point in her life, that means a lot of sleeping!

As for me, I'm looking forward to a fairly relaxing weekend. It seems that our recent weekends have been very full. I really enjoy being with family and friends and I don't mind a lot of activity but sometimes and I need to just BE.

I need to sit on a bench...hum a tune...
I need to be spontaneous and squirrel-eeeee...
I need to ignore responsibility...
and find joy in the little things! Have you seen these?! My darlin' babe brought them home--Skittles and CHOCOLATE, why didn't I think of that?!
I'm also looking forward to starting a new project. I signed up for a doll quilt swap,

Doll Quilt Swap 4 button
and this is the fabric I'll be using. I bought it last weekend when we were in Lawrence...Sarah's Fabrics is an incredible store!
I figured out my pattern last night while we were watching TV, so now I'm ready to get out the ruler and the rotary cutter and go at it!

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope it's an enjoyable one!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Deena's Virtual Garden Tour For A Cure

Deena, (Can I Be Pretty In Pink?), is hosting an online Garden Walk today...

and is encouraging us to CLICK to fund mammograms:

The Breast Cancer Site

It's FREE and it's EASY!

I'm so pleased to be one of your stops on Garden Tour For A Cure and think some PINK Columbine would make a good start!
"Home and Family" white roses
and a mosaic birdbath created by my sister-in-law.

I also like the red color of this daylily.
Smilin' Sunshine is a long-time friend and, over time, has been all over my garden. I purchased this clay piece in San Francisco 30-plus years ago.
This is a photo of my first peony cutting of the season.
Under our deck is where the house plants get to spend a few months outdoors. I'm pretty sure they like it...they seem to stand a little prouder out there.


Iron stepping 'stone'.
Asiatic Lily.
My butterfly bush hasn't bloomed yet this year so these are pictures from last summer, but I just had to show you the way it attracts butterflies and the occasional hummingbird!

Cleome, "spider flower".
Hens-and-chicks, succulents.
Iris and Allium.
Iris, are you ready for your close up?
I've posted this photo before, but little squirrel friend insists on playing a part in all of my garden tours.
Yellow daylilies.

The squirrels and birds frequently plant trees for me. Not always in the most ideal spots, however, this was a good one from last year. I wasn't sure if the tiny thing would survive our harsh winter but I think it looks pretty good so far.
Ivy ground cover and pampas grass filling in around the bird bath and, sometimes, squirrel water bowl.
I think these are Lobelia.
Large coffee cans, painted, decoupaged and filled with periwinkles.
Just a common Stella de Oro daylily but I love the color!
Another "Home and Family" white rose.
The tour concludes with more PINK and more peony cuttings. I love the fragrance! Can you almost smell them? I wish that you could!

I'd like to thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you will check back with Deena to find more gardens to enjoy!

And remember...

Thanks, Deena! This was a lot of fun!