Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Fun

It was the relaxing weekend that I had hoped for and we ended it Sunday evening with some family-and-friends-FUN. We had delayed celebrating hubby's Father's Day by a week so that we could attend this Kansas City T-Bones baseball game. It can be tricky for our family of eight to get together and we missed our son-in-law this time due to work. But, with seven of us and a couple of the kids' friends, off we went!

The weather really cooperated--sunshine, comfortable temperatures--and seats in the shade made it even nicer. The game was great, complete with entertainment between innings. And you can be sure, even on his special day, that Rick planned extra family fun for every inning (musical chairs, guessing games i.e. number of strikes/inning, etc). He brought prizes (dollar store items, gum, mints, etc.) and provided us with more than just a few good laughs. Sometimes we like to pretend that we're humoring him, but we love it all and we love him! Can't think of a better reason to celebrate!


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3rdEyeMuse said...

wow - that sounds like a heck of a great day. :)