Monday, June 30, 2008

Winner's Circle

I knew that the book Collaborative Quilting would surely inspire me and I haven't been disappointed.

I can only look at a few pages before I'm daydreaming about new quilt projects. Today, I was actually able to read several pages, but before long, I was in the craft room digging through my fabric stash. I grabbed this one and that one, I lined them up, I stacked them up, I moved them around. I would take a piece of fabric out of the line up thinking it didn't work and put it away...only to pull it back out again and discover it really did work.

The process of choosing fabrics for a project is one of my favorite parts and I almost always completely lose track of time. At the end of that indeterminate amount of time, when I think I've reached a satisfying combination, I stand back and look and let myself enjoy the selections.

I am aware, however, that nothing is definite and, in the creating, things can sometimes change. So, for now, these are the pieces that made it to the winners' circle:

And speaking of winners, I'm so excited that I won Mother Henna's Mad Tea Party Giveaway! She was participating in Vanessa's (A Fanciful Twist) Mad Tea Party and was giving away two of her beautiful tea cups. I'm so thrilled to win! I read Mother Henna regularly--it's a blog that just overflows with goodness and inspiration!

I'm going to close this post with a piece of fabric that jumped out during the raid on my stash fun is this?

Looks like Alice and another Mad Tea Party!



paperhill said...

Hi Marilyn! I love the red & green polka dots one & the red one on the end looks like a paisley! The process is half the fun! Thanks for visiting :)

Sabii Wabii said...

Love the colors....did you do your journal page yet for the Diary Project?

Cookie said...

It's always so refreshing to stop by here Marilyn - you have a wonderful talent and your pieces are always a treasure.
I love this material and can't wait to see what you do with it!
Have a wonderful holiday, sister :)


KJ said...

I'm beginning to like fabric as much as I love paper. I don't quilt but the samplings here are contagious!

I am celebrating my 1-YEAR BLOGOVERSARY with a Giveaway. Pop on by...


3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm not a sewer or quilter but I do love me some beautiful fabric (and have an odd tendency to purchase bits and pieces here and there - they usually end up as wrapping "paper", but I'm thinking it just might be time to expand their uses. :) love the selections of goodies!

Can't wait to see what you submitted to the 2009 Diary Project. :) It really was an odd size, wasn't it? I honestly can't seem to picture how they are going to end up ... ah well, we'll know soon enough.

xx's ~M~

Marilyn said...

-Terisa and Michelle-

I posted my two pages for the Diary Project in the Flickr group--'marilynkb'. I can't wait to see how the books turn out!