Thursday, September 24, 2009

Round Robin Beginnings

I've added another page spread to my gluebook this week...

it's really become quite addictive! And to further my addiction, I'll now be able to work in books belonging to craft group friends too!

Beth suggested a very casual Book Round Robin. We can bring our books to craft day and work in our own or on a page for someone else. We can also work on other's pages at home and bring them back the next time we're together. No strict rules, just however it works out--and when nobody brings a book to craft day in a while, we're finished. Easy!

Beth, Mary, and I started our books this week. Shawn said she wants to play and I'm hoping Karla will join us later--she has lots of other projects going on right now.

We used book covers that we got from Mary and filled them with blank paper. The pages are hole punched and go into the books using binder rings.

I had a chance yesterday to decorate the cover of mine:

Mary made my first two pages...


(and back)

This is the front and back page I made for her book,

and the front and back page I made for Beth's book.

What fun! I'm excited for our next craft day!


Monday, September 21, 2009

There's a Housing Boom

In this economy?!

Yep, it seems to be happening--at least in my quilting bee groups...

In Sew Connected 2, our September blocks are for John who is planning, what I think is going to be, a fabulous Neighborhood Quilt. He has requested 12.5 inch blocks using the Kona Cotton "Ash" that he sent. From our own fabric scraps, we are to make little houses and trees, etc. measuring 3.5 to 5.5 inches.

When the blocks are sewn together, the quilt will be a vast background of pale gray dotted with cute buildings and trees. I can't wait to see it!

Terrie requested houses this month too in Stash Busting Bee International. Houses of a different color, so to speak--Wonky Halloween houses...

And while I had my Halloween fabric stash out and spread all over the craft room, I started putting together several different 6.5 inch blocks until I had fifteen of them.

My plan is for a table runner and now that the blocks are sewn together, all I have to do is quilt it and bind it and hopefully have it ready for October duty!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bonus Craft Day

Again yesterday, Shawn and Bethany and I drove out to Karla's for craft day--two weeks in a row! Sadly, Beth and Mary weren't able to be there this time (and were missed).

I worked some more on my gluebook and finished two additional pages. It's really fun to have a project without a deadline attached, one to just play with as the mood hits:)

We started the day with a pitch-in lunch of fresh, tasty dishes...eating outside where the air was pleasant and the surroundings were lovely!

Then after lunch we were treated to a walk in the woods...

or more specifically...

the Fairy Berry Trail!

What a delight!

Also a delight was seeing the journals that Karla made with book covers that Mary brought last week...

Beautiful, aren't they? As was craft day--thank you, Karla!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can You Really Have Too Much Fun?

On Tuesday, Shawn and Bethany and I drove to Karla's lovely cottage for a craft day. Actually, we met Mary for lunch first--Mexican food, mmmm--then to Karla's and Beth arrived a little later.

It was the perfect craft day! Lots of chatting and laughing and lots accomplished! I worked on tags for the Sweet & Sinister swap...

a n d

Mary was very nice (and generous) to bring book covers for us to use for collage this one and this one that she put together--doesn't she do beautiful work?! Then, in no time at all, Karla turned two covers into a beautiful piece too! Amazing!

I also took my gluebook to work on--the one that I started on a craft day back in April, inspired by Mary's gluebook. I didn't get to it on Tuesday but I finished a page yesterday. This is what I have so far...

This is such a fun project and I really don't know why I don't play with it more often. Maybe I'm too busy swapping, hmmm...also fun! What's a crafter to do?!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap 7 - Received AND Sent

For me, one of the best mail days is when a Doll Quilt Swap package shows up in the today!

It's ADORABLE! And it's from Natalie...and did I say it's adorable?

Taking note of my fancy for Japanese prints, she made a coin pattern quilt with some of the cutest prints I've seen!

I think the brown solid fabric really shows off the prints, and I love the decorative stitch she used for the quilting.

The back is every bit as wonderful!

Along with the doll quilt, Natalie sent some gorgeous fabric (the pink & orange dot is one of my favorite color combos and the other, a Valori Wells design, is another favorite)...

and a fabulous embellished Moleskine sketch book:)

How lucky am I?! Thank you so much, Natalie!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I also sent my Doll Quilt Swap package today. What do you think about that coincidental timing!

I can't say where it's headed just yet...

but I can show you the matching drawstring bag I made

to hold a graph paper booklet, cute tissue, chocolate and any other necessities he/she may want to add:)

Have a great holiday weekend!