Thursday, September 24, 2009

Round Robin Beginnings

I've added another page spread to my gluebook this week...

it's really become quite addictive! And to further my addiction, I'll now be able to work in books belonging to craft group friends too!

Beth suggested a very casual Book Round Robin. We can bring our books to craft day and work in our own or on a page for someone else. We can also work on other's pages at home and bring them back the next time we're together. No strict rules, just however it works out--and when nobody brings a book to craft day in a while, we're finished. Easy!

Beth, Mary, and I started our books this week. Shawn said she wants to play and I'm hoping Karla will join us later--she has lots of other projects going on right now.

We used book covers that we got from Mary and filled them with blank paper. The pages are hole punched and go into the books using binder rings.

I had a chance yesterday to decorate the cover of mine:

Mary made my first two pages...


(and back)

This is the front and back page I made for her book,

and the front and back page I made for Beth's book.

What fun! I'm excited for our next craft day!



Beth Leintz said...

Love what you did to your cover- its neat that you used the "M" card that Karla made- more colloboration! The picture of the little girl on your cover is great- kind of spooky, but pretty.

Mary Green said...

I love that cover too - and your gluebook pages!

connie said...

Looks like fun. I just do not know if I would have the patients to do this. Looks good though.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to watching the progression of these books!

That was a fun day, thanks.

paperhill said...

what a great idea! i love those couple down near the end of the post, they are just beautiful! i hope you are well! thanks for visiting :)