Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can You Really Have Too Much Fun?

On Tuesday, Shawn and Bethany and I drove to Karla's lovely cottage for a craft day. Actually, we met Mary for lunch first--Mexican food, mmmm--then to Karla's and Beth arrived a little later.

It was the perfect craft day! Lots of chatting and laughing and lots accomplished! I worked on tags for the Sweet & Sinister swap...

a n d

Mary was very nice (and generous) to bring book covers for us to use for collage this one and this one that she put together--doesn't she do beautiful work?! Then, in no time at all, Karla turned two covers into a beautiful piece too! Amazing!

I also took my gluebook to work on--the one that I started on a craft day back in April, inspired by Mary's gluebook. I didn't get to it on Tuesday but I finished a page yesterday. This is what I have so far...

This is such a fun project and I really don't know why I don't play with it more often. Maybe I'm too busy swapping, hmmm...also fun! What's a crafter to do?!



Mary Green said...

I love love love your gluebook, so many pretty images and colors, all layered together so beautifully.

Shawn said...

Your tags are adorable!! I need to finish mine. Wow your gluebook is fantastic! See you tues. :)

cindy said...

Glue book is awesome! You did a beautiful job! Love it!

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