Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ADD-crafting is alive and thriving again at my house this week! I simply cannot get focused!

My head is swimming with ideas and I've signed up for a couple of swaps so it's not that I'm out here floundering with no direction. It just seems that the things I've picked up to work on, quickly become unsatisfying.

I started a couple of stitching projects...

Blech! Maybe another day...or never:) I think it's the thread colors I chose that I don't like.

And I was pretty excited about this crochet project...

I've been seeing some really cool knitting going on in blogland. Specifically, socks. And I've been seeing some really cool sock yarn in one of my favorite stores. But I've resisted the desire to try it myself because my craft room is already full of supplies for plenty of projects and I'm trying to be more disciplined at using what I have. I've also resisted because the sock patterns I've seen use four of those double pointed needles and that really intimidates me.

Still, the sock yarn intrigues me, and I thought, why not use it to crochet one of those little bags that I made with the soy yarn. So I bought one skein of sock yarn at JoAnn with my 50 percent off coupon and I think the bag will turn out fine, but I'm going to let this be a project that I work on while I'm watching television...

Because I realize, as I'm writing this, that I'm feeling the need for some spontaneous, impulsive crafting! I've been trying to channel my creative urges into two very quiet, meditative activities this week. Noble arts, for sure, stitching and crocheting...but I think my restlessness is a cry for something less restrained.

I think I'll go try to throw some paper around--cut it, glue it, paint on it--get messy! Or run some fabric through the sewing machine in a haphazard way! Maybe I've found some answers to this scatter-brained condition of mine? Wish me luck:)

(Do you have times like this in your creative life? What do you do?)



connie said...

I regularly feel scattered. Usually I make a phone call or two to my family from my studio and look around as I talk and it seems to help, or not. I think when these times come they come. Hang in there this too shall pass. I hope you are not in the cold cold part of the world. I like your sock yarn... :-)

3rdEyeMuse said...

luck, luck, LUCK!

oh yes, I often feel scattered! honestly, it's been ages since I've gotten sucked into that "one-with-creation" zone, but I figure that's alright. It'll come back when it wants to. :)

I am LOVIN the little crocheted bags!!

ps - luck, luck, LUCK!!

Rein said...

Lovely work!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Those are darling! Crocheting was one of the first hand-crafts that my mom taught me, and I still like to do it -- but have trouble with patterns.