Monday, April 26, 2010

Hoop Up!

I realize, as I've been working on the final block for Hoop Up! Stitch & Send Swap, that it's been a while since I shared anything new in that department!

My last block is for Missy. Her theme is Nursery Rhymes...I love "Hey Diddle Diddle" so it was easy for me to choose what to stitch for her.

I'm pleased with it so far, but have some outlining still to do and also some filling in.

**05-04-2010, edited to add** Finished and on it's way to Missy!

The next two blocks are finished and have already made the trip to their new homes...

For Cathy, a fairytale-ish woodland theme:

And for Nicole, a Paris/or France theme:

Two others in our group have added to Nicole's French street scene---a florist's shop and a pet grooming salon---what fun!!

This has been such a great group of stitchers! We all agree how much fun we've had and how sad we are to see it coming to an end. The deadline for finished blocks is April 30th. Maybe there will be a Round 2?