Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzards and robins.....it doesn't seem right!

I love the relaxed feel of a snow day...no place to go, nothing pressing to do.

Strolling by the front door this morning, instead of rushing out of it, I noticed this robin helping herself--I know nature requires male robins as well, but I always seem to refer to them as 'she'--to some berries on our crabapple tree. I was happy she did--we're experiencing a blizzard here in the midwest and I can't imagine how that must feel to our outdoor creature friends.

I was tickled that she seemed to pose for me....."would you like me to turn left? right? or straight on?" Just stay warm little robin, that's what I'd like.

I hope those of you living with snow these days, which seems to be the major part of the country, are staying warm and safe too!!



karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Silly bird, isn't he supposed to wait for spring to be out and about?

We are on the edge of the storm, not too bad here. I wouldn't call it a blizzard, but then, I've lived in South Dakota! Hope you are keeping warm.

arts4all said...

Lovely photos of this sweet bird. Appreciate that you care about wldlife!!

ReadingByLearning said...

As I understand it, Robins have broad temperature threshold. Also I heard that snow days are necessarily more relaxing/therapeutic since the snow has a sound muffling effect.
Thanks for the peaceful post!

cindy said...

Lately, I've felt like that bewildered Robin...what the heck is the white stuff and WHY is it here (in Texas)??? LOL. Great shots and heres to hoping Spring will be here soon!


Melinda Cornish said...

I still remember on whidbey Island we had a big snow and our cherry tree had turned into a robin tree....They were all puffed up and there had to be 100 of them in one tree...It was a sight....