Wednesday, April 23, 2008


How often, especially around this time of the month, do I wonder "where did the month go and what did I do with it?" As a crafter, it is difficult for me to hold back such thoughts and question if I've done one single creative thing this month?!

I don't care to measure my days by the number of crafty items I've produced, but I do like to hope that I am being attentive to the creative side of life. My head is constantly spinning with if I don't "do", will I lose those ideas or will they get tangled up with each other and turn into lousy ideas? Or worse yet, will I go crazy because the creative outlet door is closed? OK, a bit dramatic but just where did this month go and what did I do with it?

Immediately, I can tell you that our family celebrated two birthdays, #26 for both second-oldest-daughter and daughter-in-law. And, if I say so myself, we have the best birthday parties around, lol! Not because of anything we do, but because of who we are and how much we enjoy one another!

We also attended the wedding of a special young couple this month. We've known the bride since her middle school years and we adore her. Her new husband is delightful and we couldn't be happier for the two of them. The wedding was lovely and the reception was great fun. I didn't have to do a thing except enjoy the specialness of the evening!

You know, I'm already starting to feel like it's been a full and fruitful month--that's good!

As for creativity, how about other possibilities? Like baking...

Rick does all of the cooking at our house (yes, I am very lucky!) but every now and then I feel like baking something.

Or decorating...I framed and hung this poster of a Santa Fe Village--I love the colors!

Oh! I made a bracelet for the first time!

It was a kit that I purchased from French General--gotta love trying something new.

And I changed the look of my blog and I started my online workshop and I'm sewing a garment for a friend and I'm reading a novel!

I think I'm on a roll. But it's not a checklist. It's life and not all of it is tangible--in fact, the best parts aren't!

Well, alrighty, so much for my lament of April...there's a whole week left!


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