Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Online Workshops

For the last six weeks I have been taking a mixed media collage class with Karyn Gartel at Altered Diva Online Workshops. I've had a ton of FUN! I've also learned a lot of great techniques that I hope to use in future projects.

Karyn is an excellent instructor and I was already beginning to miss her class before it was even over. Easy remedy, however...I signed up for a new class--Mixed Media Landscapes. It starts Monday, April 14th and I'm pretty sure I know how much fun it's going to be!

Here are the completed pieces that I did in the Mixed Media Collage class:

I hope to be sharing some landscapes with you in another 6 weeks!



http:/ said...

Love your work...very cool! Look forward to seeing your next set of pics.

Lori said...

your collages are just gorgeous!!!

craftswithcare said...

Marilyn, your mixed media collages are beautiful! I love them all!

You have been tagged again....HEHE... please stop by my blog when you get the chance.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

you know, I almost signed up for this class for fun, but pink artist proj. kept me vrry vrry busy. Glad to see you join in and oyur works of art are utterly fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!! Have you taken a class with Alma Stoller? I've been asked to teach classes online, considering it now...but it may be way down the road before I could get to it. Bravo! to all the wonderful peop's who TEACH what they know. The world reaps the benefits... art on, Monica :)

Jo Anne O. said...

Hi Marilyn! These are beautiful and fun and exciting..all in one! I know you must have had a blast and I can't wait to see the landscapes!

cconz said...

OH Marilyn, your collages are lovely.Did you enjoy the workshops? i've thought about taking one but, have'nt heard about any in my area. KEEP UP the beautiful work. I also enjoy reading your blog. cathie