Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rainy Day Reflections

What is it about a rainy day that makes this so appealing?

Curling up on the loveseat with some stitching or a good book...or, in Emma's case, napping. I understand the attraction to napping--it's cloudy and the sound of rain is soothing.

I do wonder, some, about the attraction to stitching or reading on a rainy day. The same cloudiness seems to make it more difficult to see, or would that be my aging eyes? Is there a connection between stitching or reading and the soothing sound of raindrops? Hmmm. I suspect it could be the coziness of the rainy day matched with the low energy needed for stitching or reading...

Really no need to do a lot of analyzing...kind of useless, actually, because it really wouldn't change my perspective about how comforting the combination can be.

This is what I'm stitchin' up. I sketched the face a couple of days ago without any real plan. But yesterday, I did the ol' "I wonder..." and this is where it went. Still no real plan, just enjoying the process.


Now, about the rain... It's not even a cool rain. It's warm and muggy. Yuck. But with the a/c turned down low, I can pretend, right? And by the looks of these first fallen leaves on the lawn, cooler temps could be a possibility before too long.


OK, just one more "wonder". Why did this little leaf fall to this side of the tree all by itself while all the other leaves are in a group on the opposite side? You can make up your own story.

For now, I'm taking my curious self back to the loveseat where I'm pretty sure Emma hasn't moved a muscle since I left.


5 comments: said...

Can't wait to see the stitchery completed.

paperhill said...

i love what you are working on, she is lovely! i too love rainy days, something about them......hope you are well :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

I don't know ... maybe it does have something to do with the hypnotic sounds that rain brings that causes us to want to curl up ... for me, any excuse to do the things I love works. :)

am lovin the face and CAN'T wait to see where it goes from here ...

as for the leaf, I think it just wanted to be in the spotlight. :)

ps - sooooo lovin your playlist. said...

I didn't notice that the leaves were changing already! I am not ready for this.

How funny, you are right, the days we pick to curl up and read or do handwork are usually the ones with the worst light.

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Great face. Cant wait to see it when it's finished!