Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Doll Quilt and Virtual Quilting Bee

Yesterday, I made some progress on my quilt for Doll Quilt Swap 5 by completing the top.

When I showed you the fabrics I purchased for the swap, the stack included two fat quarters that I ended up not using. After I cut out the squares and laid them out, it was just too much pattern for an 18 x 18 inch doll quilt. Sometimes too much really is too much:) Now, on to the batting and the backing and the quilting and the binding and my swapee should have it in her hands by the December 1st deadline.

In other quilting news, Sew Connected 2 is a new Flickr group that I'm excited to be participating in. A virtual quilting bee, we are 16 quilters from around the world who will be creating 16 quilts from January, 2009 through April, 2010--one for each of us!

Each month we will make a quilt for one of the participants with fabric that they've chosen and sent to us...everybody sews one quilt block with the selected fabric and mails the block back...16 quilters, 16 blocks and voila! a beautiful quilt in one month!

I think it will be great fun...every month, seeing all of the different blocks and how they reflect individual quilting styles. I'll keep you posted too.



John said...

yaaaay! i can't wait for sc2 to start. whose bright idea was it to wait until january, anyway? oh yeah, it was mine ... : )

3rdEyeMuse said...

I like that you edited the fabrics for the doll quilt - what you have works so well! & how exciting to be part of such a fun project! I can't wait to see what the group comes up with. :)

Lynn said...

Love the doll quilt. Your partner should be delighted with it. I did the same thing - didn't use the fabric I bought for it and did something else entirely different. The sew connected group looks like so much fun.

Shonna said...

Great Quilt!! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!!

paperhill said...

That swap sounds so nice. How cool to have people all around the globe making quilts together! I'll look forward to hearing more.
Thanks for visiting & for the well wishes :)
ps Love the music on your blog.