Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Yahoo! I got a chance to play with paper and glue today!

Due to the "I think I'll paint the craft room" project and a few other events (Thanksgiving), crafting just hasn't been happening around here. I was beginning to feel some withdrawal setting in, but fortunately, I had taken on leading a couple of ornament making sessions for the Christmas tree at church.

This morning, a dozen or so adults and I folded these stars using pages from art magazines...

and made some peace doves...

I would agree that they are somewhat elementary...I wasn't sure what the skill levels were going to be and it turned out even these were a bit tricky for a couple of the folks:) I was just glad to be cutting and using glue, at any level.

I did finish painting the craft room--purple on one wall, tan on the other three...

and moved all of my stuff back into the room, but this shelf is all that got organized...

so on Wednesday night, I closed the door and looked forward to a nice long weekend.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day...I hope that you and your family/friends did too.

And yesterday, all of our kids were here for KU/MU Border War football. Not everyone was supporting the same team but it stayed friendly and fun. I didn't really care who won (football doesn't interest me much) so I picked KU because my KU t-shirt looks nicer than my raggedy MU t-shirt, hehee. Everyone brought a snack and I think we ate as much as we did on Thanksgiving--after just two days of turkey, it was nice to have something different.

It was exactly the nice long weekend I looked forward to!

Any guesses what I'll be getting back to tomorrow?



Shawn said...

I love your stars! It was the perfect craft weekend! We watched some of the game too of course we were rooting for MU but at least our other team won the huskers :) Love the paint! Can't wait to see it after its done!

Beth Leintz said...

Your craft room looks great- everything shows off so nicely against those rich colored walls.

I want to know how to make those stars!

3rdEyeMuse said...

ooh! I really like both of the ornament designs for the church tree! fantastic. :)

and your craft room seems to be calling my name! lol - enjoy the new vibe. :)

cindy said...

Dang gurl! You make me tired just reading what all you did! Love the birds and stars and the walls loooook fabu!