Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Wishing It Was Spring!

It just keeps getting "better", it's 25° and snowing!

This squirrel...well, maybe not this specific one--we have a lot of squirrels in our backyard and they all look the same to me...SOME squirrel has spent the past few weeks tucking away twigs and leaves under the top step of our deck.

Not every twig stays tucked away though...there are just as many on the ground. In fact, that's what first drew my attention to the nest(?) -- "what the heck is that stack of sticks out under the deck?"

But enough of the snow photos! We're wishing it was spring here!


Thursday, Rick and I spent a couple of hours at Kansas City's botanical gardens, when the temperatures were in the mid to upper 60's. (It was 70 ° on Wednesday! Crazy midwest weather!))

There was a fragrance garden exhibit that we wanted to see. It was in the conservatory and it felt like we stepped through a door right into spring!

It was the first time I'd seen one of these--a Red Powder Puff Tree.

We also took a walk on the nature trail and it was really nice to be outdoors enjoying some fresh air.

On the way home, whenever we visit the gardens, we also like to make a stop at Cockrell Mercantile. It's a small vintage-y village with an old farm house, a couple barns and little cottages filled with beautiful housewares, mostly for the kitchen.

This is my favorite cottage!

It makes this collector's heart go PITT-TY-PAT!

Fiestaware dishes everywhere!

And I mean everywhere...inside...

and out!

It was such a lovely day and a fun daytrip, and I'm glad our timing was so great--it kind of balances out snowy days like today.



Lori Anderson Designs said...

We're expecting a snow storm tomorrow and I am SO excited! But then, we rarely get snow.

I LOVE the fiesta ware!

3rdEyeMuse said...

brrr! thank goodness for the botanical garden and the Fiesta house!!

Shawn said...

I love those spring pictures!!!! I can't believe all the snow we got! What a cute squirrel he's probably thinking when is this snow going to stop!! Love the fiesta dishes so pretty and colorful!

Lynn said...

Here too - I don't know what happened I thought it was spring and now it's 28 and we're expecting snow. So if I get off the computer - I can sew all day!
Beautiful flower pics.

cindy said...

Maddening here...80's one day...30's the next...drives me crazy! The tree's are blooming and daffodils too....argh! Love your pretty spring pics...I'm ready for more flowers. And warm that stays.


glenna said...

Love your pictures. Wish I could go to the Fiesta Cottage.