Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OWOH from NZ and SC2

LOL, my post title looks like an algebra problem!
But, oh my, nooooo...far from it!

It's my OWOH (One World~One Heart) win from NZ (New Zealand), more specifically from Kathy in New Zealand. I won the most wonderful giveaway on her blog during One World~One Heart and it arrived in the mail yesterday. Our mailman said it was his first package to deliver all the way from New Zealand...and it was my first to receive, so it was exciting.

Kathy wrapped it up so sweet...

Just like the bag she created! I love the hearts she added to the front--so perfect for OWOH. And the size of the bag is ideal for toting around all kinds of things.

Extra goodies too! Fabulous lip balm and the creamiest chocolate! Isn't the tin adorable?

Kathy filled it with some really lovely buttons. I'll definitely be looking for something to attach those to! And there were more sweets--a box of candy hearts.

Who wouldn't feel pampered with gifts like these?! Thanks very much, Kathy!


Saturday, I received these fabrics from Audrey for our March Sew Connected 2 (SC2) quilt blocks. I think they're really spring-y!

Audrey requested that the group create Wonky Log Cabin blocks for her quilt. How fun is that! I couldn't wait to get started so I gave in and sewed it up this afternoon.

One of those serendipitous things happened when I was first playing around and arranging fabric pieces. I had a pile of fabric scraps on my cutting table and that little bird piece jumped right out at matched the pink and green in Audrey's fabric perfectly. A sign, for sure, so into the block it went. I love when that happens!



Tess said...

Oh Marilyn,
What a wonderful gift and all the extra goodies. Neat!! It's always great getting things from other countried that we can't get over here, and vice-versa.
That little birdie in the center is absolutely perfect. I love that block and have never heard of the name Wonky Log Block. I love it. I passed up a bag of fabrics at the thrift store cut into long strips and now I wish I hadn't. Those strips would have been perfect for this Quilt block. I'd have made a pillow of it. I wonder, maybe by chance they are still there. Hmmmmm!! Think I better go check today.
Have a great day and congrats on you OWOH win.

Kindred Crafters said...

I LOVE how that bird magically popped out. Must have been meant to be!

- Donna

khhast said...

You are most welcome Marilyn! I'm glad the parcel arrived in such good condition. I hope you enjoy all your goodies.

That bird really does fit in the middle there perfectly!

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh yeah, that parcel from NZ is some serious happy heart making & that block you did ... WOW! love it!!

paperhill said...

the tote is adorable! can never have enough of those. your block turned out beautifully, i love those fabrics!

Sabii Wabii said...

Have a cupcake for Barbie today. She can't. It goes right to her thighs!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the block and the bag is so sweet...I love getting mail like that! woohoo! Melinda