Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Update

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He's due May 4th so just a little less than six more weeks to go!

I went to a baby shower held for him and his mother (our daughter-in-law) on Saturday. My gift was the crib quilt I made for them:

This is the back of the quilt:

I was glad that new mom really liked it. She's so sweet--she said she saw the photo of the bright quilt blocks from this post and was hoping that it was something for the baby.

I also have to tell you that she's my biggest blogger fan:) So I'm going to take this opportunity to send V. and baby a big HELLO and LOVE YOU!



3rdEyeMuse said...

that has to be the sweetest quilt!! I love the colors and the little animal block additions ... too flippen cute!!

connie said...

How cool. The quilt is lovely and the colors are wonderful. I am sure the new little one will love being wrapped in it and maybe it will be the blankie he caries with him everywhere, which I think would be the ultimate compliment.

Tess said...

I love the bright colors in this and the reverse is so cute. Wonderful!

Diane said...

This is beautiful, Marilyn. How exciting for you to have a new grandson on the way. Congratulations!