Sunday, March 29, 2009

Midwest Spring

In the midwest it's not a common occurrence to see spring bulbs up and blooming bright one day then covered with snow the next, but it does happen occasionally. Like yesterday.

Fortunately, at least in my experience, the snow doesn't seem to damage the plants.

And it does offer some photo opportunities.

And conversation for future years..."remember the spring those tiny little daffodils were covered with snow?"

And give pause for things that seem just a little bit out of last night, the ground was covered with snow yet it was still light outside at almost 8pm...or this morning, the ground is covered with snow but the birdies are singing just like they would on any other spring day.

Mother Nature can be mighty entertaining!



3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for the beautiful photo's. :)

paperhill said...

flowers and snow, not your average day :) hope all is well with you! no snow here (well to speak of at least, we did have a few flying flakes this morning!)

cindy said...

Poor daffodils...they must be freaked. LOL. Yep, MN has certainly been strange and elusive lately has'nt she?


Rusted Wings said...

wow, you actually were experiencing a real spring before the winter tried to show up!! hope the flowers all revive without too much shock!

Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog/art! I really enjoyed looking over your amazing quilt-works!! You do such lovely work Marilyn! nice to meet you!!!

Diane said...

It's amazing to me that the flowers can withstand the snow. Beautiful pictures, Marilyn.

Melinda Cornish said...

it has been this way here too! snow every few days but then it melts and the sun comes back out! beautiful daffodils!

Anonymous said...