Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Smiles

At craft day last week, Shawn and Bethany worked on May Day Baskets for Bethany's teachers. This is where I wish I had taken some pictures--the baskets were adorable, all bright and cheery.

However, I can share with you this picture of some of the flowers. Bethany is quite the little crafter and is very generous with her creations on craft days and I was delighted to receive a bouquet of her sweet flowers! They're such a lovely addition to my craft room and they make me S*M*I*L*E!!!

Do you remember May Day baskets when you were growing up? What a fun tradition. My favorite memories of May Day baskets are from the days when my daughters were little and would hang a basket on our doorknob, ring the doorbell and then quickly hide so I wouldn't know it was from them! Aawwhhh, I'm *s*m*i*l*i*n*g* again :-)

Wishing you a Happy May Day!


glenna said...

I remember those baskets!

Tess said...

I remember them too. One of my favorite memories is when my dautghters, then about age 3 and 9, made May Day baskets in Sunday School and then the classes went and delivered them to the nursing home. I was the church bus driver, I got to see them all as they boarded. It was such fun and the many "grandma's and grandpa's" loved the visitors and the baskets.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those so cute?

Hey, you are my April giveaway winner!

3rdEyeMuse said...

love those flowers!!

... sad, but at work yesterday I kept saying, "Happy May Day" ... more often than not, I was met with a blank stare ... *sighs*

Beth Leintz said...

I have my Bethany bouquet in my living room- and my pom pom animal is right next to me at the computer.

Shawn said...

oh marilyn I can't wait to show bethany this!!! I'll get some pics posted of her delivering the may day baskets on my blog. It was so sweet! Hope you had a happy may day!!