Saturday, November 14, 2009

From "I Think I Can" to "All Done"

I have to admit that the I Heart Zines swap turned out to be a very satisfying project.

(my I Heart Zines front cover)

But I had doubts along the way...

The mere size of the zine was somewhat looming--five folded pages/20 sides (I chose a 8.5 by 5.5 format) and did I have enough in my noggin to fill those pages? If I did, how would I communicate my ideas?

I also was feeling some intimidation, without any basis as I don't know who I'm actually swapping with. But, typically, I was sure the other swappers' zines would shine up against my little first attempt:)

Lastly, would I be able to complete 10 copies before the November 13th deadline? I signed up to participate in mid-July...four months = easy peasy...right? But then that little bump in the road, my August hysterectomy, and a few other swaps I signed up for. I'm usually pretty good about timing my swap participation, but perhaps removing one's uterus affects one's wise swapping judgement! Suddenly it seemed that several swap deadlines were falling very close to one another!

(I Heart Zines back cover)

But this is where the satisfying part comes in...I did it! I finished my zine original, compiled 10 copies and popped them into the mail last Saturday, a full six days ahead of the deadline!

I took it one page at a time and focused on that project, not the twenty page project. I wrote about things I know (duh!). It's amazing how easy it is to fill a page with things you know, lol. And I ignored the intimidation, even if it didn't disappear was my zine--it could only reflect me--and that had to be good enough.

My pages were done in a cut-and-paste style...collaged backgrounds with printed text cut out and pasted onto the backgrounds. That style allowed me to really play with color and pattern and magazine/catalog pictures that I'd torn out and kept in a "I'll use it someday" file.

I included articles about my own discoveries of inspiration for color and creating...and lessons learned:) I talked about a couple of my favorite books and added a few helpful quotes I've come across. I talked about nature and traveling and laundry (yes, color inspiration in your laundry!)...and pinking shears, teehee. I included a copy of one of my smaller mixed media pieces and some quicky instructions for a patchwork pillow that mixes up four different patchwork blocks. And there are a few things tucked in for the other swappers to play with: fabric, ribbon, decorative paper, etc.

When Alma emailed me earlier this week to let me know that my package had arrived, she said some very nice things about my zine and it gave me just enough confidence to share it with others in my Etsy shop.

This is probably a good time for me to thank all of you for your sweet and encouraging blog comments over the past almost two years. It's the give and take of blogging, and the support of one another's artistic endeavors that gives me the push to try new things. What a gift...thank you!!


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cindy said...

I'm very proud of you! You had some big obstacles that could have tripped you and you did the thing! Hmmmm, looks awesome (LOVE the chicken peeping out). I always like your journaling stuff!

yapping cat