Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yes, Stuff Happened

I'm guessing we all have weeks that come and go with little clue of what we did with it. Such was the case for me last week. (Week #47 of the calendar year...I googled that tidbit--I'm kind of a dork that way.) So, to assure myself that last week happened, I'll share with you some of what I sewed.....

For Jill in the Stash Busting International virtual quilting bee, I made two blocks. She requested wonky log cabins.

(10.5" blocks)

For Sudi-Laura in the Sew Connected 2 virtual quilting bee, I also made two blocks. She requested maverick stars.

(12.5" block)

(9.5" block)

And for Debbie in the Swap Til You Drop mini quilt group, I made this. I was some challenged by this one. When I looked at Debbie's blog and Flickr photos, I noticed she used more muted colors so I went that direction. My tendency towards the more saturated colors made it difficult to trust whether it was working or not. But I did hear from Debbie yesterday and she says she loves it. That makes me happy:)

(12x14 inches)


One of the little extras that I included with Debbie's mini quilt was a fabric luggage tag.

It was very easy to make and you can get a free pattern for it here along with four other free patterns for small quilting projects.

OK, before Week 48 (dork!!) becomes a foggy memory I best get on with my day... Project Thanksgiving Readiness--I'm hungry just thinking about it!!


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