Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sooo, the holiday season has started. It began in the most wonderful way at our house Thanksgiving Day---all of the kids and kids-in-law and grandbaby were able to be here for the day. It was a fun, fun time spent with all of them:)


Looking ahead to Christmas, I've decided to make a Christmas-y quilt...

It all started with a Spoonflower fabric designed by Aneela--the tea set, houses, laundry line pieces in the photo--so adorable that I had to buy some of my own! Then yesterday she posted a quilt tutorial in the most perfect style, and off I went! It's been such a fun project that I've had a hard time staying away from it:)

(2 Dec. ETA: Aneela posted the picture of my project on her blog today...I feel like a celebrity, hehee!)


Also exciting, my copy of the Itty-Bitty Circus book arrived in the mail over the weekend and it's fabulous! Rhonda, the swap hostess for this round, posted a slideshow of the pages on her blog.

I'm not sure if I posted a picture of the Fairytale Itty-Bitty Book when I received it, but it's another cutie!

And so is Tea Time with it's teacup shaped pages. I didn't actually participate in this swap but received one of the books a week after my surgery from one of my itty-bitty swapper friends. It was such a sweet and touching surprise.



Shawn said...

OH my goodness your quilt is going to be gorgeous! I love all of those little itty bitty books! Are you up for going to frenchies? :)

susan said...

wow where to start?? such pretties you received! and so sweet of that person to send you the teacup one. i love your quilt and will pop over to see your inspiration. that fabric you bought is too sweet!