Wednesday, December 30, 2009


(a) Ten snowmen dancing? (b) Ten gingerbread men in need of baking? Or (c) Ten medical play dolls waiting? Ding-ding-ding-ding.....yes, C is the correct answer!

A group of us at church have been making Medical Play Dolls for a local children's hospital. These dolls are used to help hospitalized children express their feelings. The poly-filled fabric dolls have a blank face and body to allow the children to draw on them.

Apparently, the hospital uses about 50 of these dolls per day and was completely out when the group leader contacted them. We worked on the dolls some at church (which was especially fun) then took some home and we'll finish up any that are left this coming Sunday.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another set of ten...

"I Heart Zines"

From the time I mailed off my swap package of ten zines, I started looking forward to the day when the box of zines from ten other swappers made its way to my doorstep. It arrived on Christmas Eve and what an incredible gift it is!

"Oddball Charm No. 6" by Alma Stoller, whom I consider to be queen of the zine!

"Greetings" by Emily S. Pruitt

"Time Management for Creative People" by Rose Momsen

"Angels on Fire...a Zine of Art Sundries for the Eccentric Artist" by Stephanee

"Gang of Happiness...a know-how manual to create and construct creatures making you happy" by Beate Knappe, complete with a quilted cover!

"Stationary and Envelopes Zine" by Lisa Schramek and Shalene McCollum

"Shape" by Deborah Boschert

"Gypsy Dreams, Paper Trails" by labluegypsy

"Gesso, Issue 3" by Sally Duncan

"Workbooks - the Zine" by Secret Terrabite

Am I going to be in reading/art heaven for a wonderful while?!!



Pretty Things said...

That's an awesome thing (the dolls) that you guys did, and the zines look like fun!

Beth Leintz said...

I would never have thought about a need for medical play dolls- they look cute all together.

Your zines look like so much fun- can you bring some to the next craft day? I'd love to peek at some.

deborah said...

I am so glad you received my Shape zine. In fact, I got your zine in my box. It's fantastic! I'm planning to blog the whole swap this week.