Wednesday, September 5, 2012

QuiltCon Challenge Blocks

I made two quilt blocks for the QuiltCon Block Challenge.....

(12.5" x 15.5")
(8.5" x 12.5")
If I remember right, about 375 blocks were submitted!

Elizabeth Hartman is overseeing the challenge. And, bless her heart, she is photographing all of them for a series of blog posts on The Modern Quilt Guild.  Each of her posts highlights a particular piecing style. One of my blocks (the gray zigzag) is included in today's post, Diamonds and Other Angles.

**09-18-2012 Edited to add...My other block (the blue/green half-square-triangles) is part of today's post, Triangles.

It's been really fun seeing the blocks, all of them incredible, and who created them. The blog series continues through the third week of September, so even more yet to see!!



Sharon said...

Great blocks, Marilyn!

illustration poetry said...

those are lovely... i've never made a quilt before :)