Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Heard Birds Singing!

Can SPRING really be on the way?!

It's been a lo-o-ong winter this year. Seems, in past years, we would get a day or two of sunshine and moderate temperatures along the way. But winter didn't seem as playful this teasing with gifts of spring-like-days-even-though-it's-still-winter...that I can recall.

So yesterday, I was elated when I could throw open the doors and let in that sweet smell of early spring. And when I did the same thing this morning and heard the birds singing, well, how wonderful is that?!

That sweet birdy photo up there? I took that on Christmas Eve when we were in Santa Fe, NM! Hard for me to believe--I think IT looks like spring. Yep, I'm so done with winter I'm looking for signs wherever I can. And, yes, I've lived in the midwest long enough to know that all of this could change within days or even hours, but for now, I'm feelin' SPRING-Y!


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