Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Opposite of Spring Cleaning

You know, there was a time when our home housed eleven beings: Rick and me, three daughters, one son, one beagle (a big beagle) and four cats. It was great fun, really.

But do you think there was space for a craft room for me at that time? Oh my, no. I did my crafting on the floor of the master bedroom. I thought there could be no greater luxury than a craft room and I dreamed of having one of my very own. Imagine it--all of my supplies in one place instead of spread out all over the house...I wouldn't have to take time to gather things and set up, I could just walk in and craft. And likewise, when playtime was over, I wouldn't have to move projects and pick up supplies from the master bedroom floor in order to go to bed, I could just leave the room, knowing all would be ready for my next visit.

Well, as our children grew up and left the nest (the youngest left for college this past fall and it's just Rick and me and two cats), rooms became available and a little over two years ago my dream of a craft room became reality. And it's wonderful. I love having this space. I use it for my paper crafts and sewing. However, I didn't feel I could do any painting in the same room that I sew in--too many messy possibilities--so I also have a space in our basement to paint. Aren't I spoiled?

This week I've been working on a large sewing project. I really was going to need space to spread it all out. With TWO workspaces, it shouldn't have been a problem. But when I looked at my craft room, I knew it wasn't going to happen in there. I would have to do some major clearing to make the kind of space I was going to need and I was working under a deadline for this project.

Recently I cleaned up my painting space for a new project and I thought maybe I could just move a few things and work there (even though it became the painting space in the first place to keep it away from sewing projects). But one look told me I'd better not.

So I started looking for available flat surfaces and ended up homesteading this corner in our family room. I only had to move three or four things--what a breeze!

Unfortunately, a cleared off flat surface doesn't stay that way long when I'm busy creating. The photo above was taken last night and this next one was taken this morning. Not too bad yet, but I can't say what it will look like tonight or tomorrow.

And that's okay 'cause I'm doing what I love. Besides that, this is what I've been listening to while I work (actually this CD and Brandi Carlile's "The Story" for a couple of months now--can't get enough of either one).

Hmmm, a fine frenzy, I can relate to that.


(I think I have spring fever...thought I needed a new blog background color. It feels like I painted a room, all fresh and clean. I like it. So, it turns out I liked my yellow better--such a fickle one, huh? Added some music too.)

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