Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I Live In My Own Little World" Challenge

I'm always up for a challenge and Pam (BlogCabinFever) has come up with a good one! For her "I Live In My Own Little World But It's OK, They Know Me Here!" challenge, she has invited us to "blog photos of where you create your blog (pic of your computer) and all your favorite, inspiring places around the house and yard."

As I first thought about it, I wasn't sure what photos I would take. But when I got the camera in my hands, I was suddenly aware that, indeed, there are places here at home where I find inspiration. So, let's get started!


First stop is the computer's in a corner of our family room so I can 'do computer stuff' and be sociable at the same time. If I turn around in my rolly chair I can see this view of our backyard. Lots of activity out there at times--birds, squirrels, rabbits and once, just recently, SIX deer came flying through there!

OK, let's step out the back door...
This is the time of year that I get to enjoy some, what I like to refer to as, old time plants and flowers--ones that I remember growing in my parents' and grandparents' yards--climatis, iris, peony. The peonies haven't opened up yet, but when they do, the blooms and aroma will bring back lots of pleasant memories.

This is the view from our deck. I can sit out here and watch birds come and go or sit and listen to their songs and the music from our wind chimes. Look! There's one of our squirrel friends now--peeking out from the smaller knot hole. I think he heard about our tour and wants to say hello!

We're back indoors now. This is a stack of stuff in my craftroom. Books I've looked at recently that haven't been put away or there isn't a place for them yet, fabric I auditioned for my current sewing project that didn't make 'the cut' (sorry, that was bad), cigar boxes, blank journals, pieces of wood trim and wrapping paper. Now, that's quite a mix, huh?

Last, but definitely not least, I get the bulk of my inspiring ideas in the shower! Can't say how or why but I appreciate the inspiration!

Thanks for taking the tour of my own little world! Thank you, Pam, for the challenge!

If you'd like to see more 'little worlds', they are linked here. Or maybe you want to share your's--just let Pam know!



http:/ said...

So glad you took me up on the Challenge, it was fun to "go along with you on your tour". Great view of the yard. We get deer and black bear-they creep me out!
Super photos.

Anonymous said...

Wow Marilyn! With your flowers on this post and your earlier one, you have a beautiful yard!!

This was fun!!

vickie said...

Thanks for stopping by, you have a beautiful deck area too! I love the pics of your beautiful flowers on your earlier post. Thanks for sharing!

3rdEyeMuse said...

oooh! what a lovely little world. those flowers really are gorgeous & I'm actually drooling over your little stack of cigar boxes. thanks for sharing. :)

cheers! ~M~

Daisys Little Cottage said...

Hi Marilyn, Your place is so cozy. I love the rare chance to see deer! Your passion flowers are lovely but my fav photo of all is your nutty lil guy in the tree!