Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Planning is half the fun!

What's the first thing we plan when we're having a party at our house? It's the food and drink we're going to serve. After that, I start playing around with our Fiestaware dishes. The beauty of having dishes in multiple colors is the ability to mix and match them to the occasion!

So, planning for Vanessa's Halloween Blog Party, it was just natural for me to go to the Fiestaware and decide on a color scheme--tangerine, sunflower, chartreuse and black. I also thought the hobnail ice bucket and glasses added a nice Halloween touch.

From this photo, it appears that candy corn is the only thing on the menu at this point. I can tell you there's no way that candy is still going to be in the house 10 days from now! So it will either be off the menu or new bags are going to have to be purchased.

I hope you'll stop by to see me on October 18th. I'm working on plans for a giveaway too...what's a party without prizes?



3rdEyeMuse said...

oooooh! I can't wait, I can't wiat, I can't WAIT!! looks like you have a HECK of a party in the works ... count on me poppin by!

Shawn said...

How fun!!!! Have you tried the new candy corn kisses? They are so yummy!!!

cindy said...

What awesome dishes! I will look forward to it. And would be ok with me if just CC! LOL.