Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Visual Being

I'm a "visual" person. I largely experience the world with my eyes. Nothing unusual...I would guess that many creators of visual art experience the world that way. I'm a visual-learner. Again, nothing unusual--if I remember correctly, a large percentage of the population are visual-learners. I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that I am and remind myself what a joy it can be. There is so much around us to be seen and all we have to do is look. We can catalog an image in our memory, or with a camera, to call upon at a later date. Or we can enjoy it for a moment and be glad that we noticed.....

Rick and I love pottery. We bought three pieces on our trip to Santa Fe--a baking dish with a lid made by one artist and two colorful mugs made by another. We found a place in our kitchen for the baking dish right away. However, the mugs sat on a counter top for a while--until last night, when suddenly, it seemed so apparent where they should be displayed! I have been buying Fiestaware dishes for about eight years. I love the colors and I love the random look of our table when it is set with the dishes. Some of our Fiestaware dishes are kept in cabinets and some are out in the open on a baker's rack. The ones on the baker's rack are our current favorite colors and now the mugs are there also. It's perfect! The colors in the mugs fit well with the other dishes--like long lost cousins--and it is such a delight!


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Altered Kat said...

Oh I do envy you! I LOVE Fiestaware...but have a difficult time telling if the vintage stuff is really vintage which is why I haven't started collecting it!...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your display!

Kat...all those colors are sooooo yummy!