Thursday, January 3, 2008

More Santa Fe Inspiration

While in Santa Fe, on the day after Christmas (better known, in our family, as Rick's birthday), I visited the greatest rubber stamp store! How can you go wrong in a store named Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps? It is located across the street from the Plaza in a building on the second floor with 3 or 4 other stores. I walked in and was greeted by Jess, a fun and friendly young woman. She loves her job and was extremely helpful. There were a half dozen or so shoppers in the store and she was anxious to show us some of the many rubber stamping possibilities. The store carries 100 different lines of stamps, but I chose to limit my purchases to the store's own StampaFe and Our Lady of Rubber lines, and a couple from Stamp A Mania (Las Cruces, NM). I can't wait to start playing!

And how is this for inspiration? Three different nights, three different skies...

Glorious! Isn't it?


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