Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Perfect Pancake

My youngest aunt is as cute as she can be! Actually, the five aunts from my mother's side who are still living are completely darling, but the youngest one makes me giggle.

She lives near Seattle (the city of my birth), as do her sisters and dozens of my cousins. We visited her there three summers ago. She has a way of flitting around her kitchen, cooking a meal, juggling a grandbaby, answering a phone call and talking to her visitors all at once.

One morning she was whipping up a hearty breakfast when we asked about helping with the cooking and, in typical fashion, she replied, "Oh, no, you just sit at the table and relax, you're on vacation, do you want a cup of coffee?" Pancakes were just one of the things on the menu and that morning was when we learned about the pancake mix she uses. "I never used to be able to make pancakes, never! Ask the kids. I always messed them up. Until I found this mix...all you do is add water...perfect everytime...and they taste GOOD." She was right. They tasted great!

The next summer, another visit, and the pancake story again.
This past summer when we went, my two daughters were with us. We all heard the pancake story. But this time we were sold. Before leaving for home, we purchased four bags of the "perfect everytime mix" to bring back with us. Two for us and one each for the girls to have at their houses.

Two weekends ago, we finished off one bag and lamented having just one bag left. Sigh. Couldn't there be a source closer than 1900 miles away? Well, sorta. I only had to go as far as my front door because, last week, that little cutie of an aunt mailed us a bag of that perfect pancake mix for Christmas! Along with a Happy New Year card and a note she wrote laughing at herself for finally mailing it to us on the 14th of January. As if it mattered! In our mind, it was a miracle! It was amazingly thoughtful and a much loved gift.

Now, over a week later, we are still giggling about that package. First of all the timing, how did she know? And then the fact that she had wrapped it within an inch of its life to make sure it arrived safely (now I know where I get that trait). And it cost her $18 to send it priority mail. Do we feel special? Oooooh, you betcha!

Didn't I tell you she's cute?!



craftyhala said...

I use the Snoqualme Falls Oatmeal. It is the best. We love that brand.

Cindy Dean said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for my giveaway Marilyn. When I saw the package in this blog...I recognized the name and I can even pronounce it! LOL I used to live in Belleuve by Lake Sammamish. Long time ago but I loved it there.