Monday, January 21, 2008

Need to warm up your January? Attend a wedding!

We went to my nephew's wedding Saturday night. He married a really sweet woman--no surprise, he's my nephew. The wedding was in St. Louis and the temperatures were what one would expect in January, and that is freezing!

However, there's nothing like a wedding to warm a soul. Love is everywhere! The young couple, of course, is just bursting with love for each other. Everyone is celebrating the couple's love and new union. Maybe, too, some are remembering and celebrating their own gifts of love. New families are created and friendships made. It really does warm the cockles of a heart. And so, (yes, before Saturday night I'm not sure I would have said this) a cold January day is a wonderful time for a wedding! Who'd a-thought?!


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Altered Kat said...

Looks like a lovely setting Marilyn!
Thanks for adding my blog to your list...I've done the same...and sent you some Etsy luvin! ;o)

Congrats to the new couple! are gorgeous!