Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun!

Don't these gals look like a fun-lovin' trio?! I bought this post card at a nearby antique mall. The postmark reads Kansas City, MO, October 15 , 1917. It was written by a woman, named Willie, to her "Homefolks" living in a rural town that is now about an hour's drive (on the interstate) from Kansas City. She notes that she is having a good time and will be coming home Tuesday night.

I started wondering about Willie's life and the lives of other midwest women in those days. I most often imagine it as one filled with work, work, work...and I don't doubt that it was. I do wonder, however, if those same hard working women took a break once in a while and just let loose! I'm guessing that they did. The times may have been different, but a woman's spirit couldn't have been so different just 90 years ago, could it?

Now, I'm not saying for sure that Willie was in Kansas City in October, 1917 letting loose. But she was having a good time and she bought a postcard with a picture of three free-spirited, tree-climbing women on the front. That's enough for me. Willie, you go girl!


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paperhill said...

That picture is great!! Thanks for sharing it !