Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking at the bright (or candlelight) side

We lost power at our house for a couple hours the night before last. This happens often. No apparent reason. Just happens.

I refuse to take it personally when it happens, even though the houses to our right continue to shine brightly (in a mocking sort of way). Who thinks up those grids or sectors or whatever you call power dividing lines? Why does it start/stop right in the middle of a block?

I refuse to take it personally because look what I would have missed if we had been part of the radiantly-favored? You just can't beat the romantic glow of candlelight!

However, I was home alone at the time, so I decided to read, Abe Lincoln style. I had new issues of two favorite magazines, a furry little cat and a blanket to cuddle up with--not a bad way to spend an evening.

I even spent time just looking at the candles and the way the light danced on the hearth of our fireplace.

I noticed, too, how many different candle scents I buy. At first, I would catch a whiff of one scent or another but eventually all of the scents became one. Or maybe my already less than discerning smeller clocked out.

But enough is enough.

It was an OK evening. But two hours was long enough. The lights came back on, hubby arrived home (just MINUTES later--surely a coincidence) and Tuesday night as we know it, continued on.


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