Saturday, January 5, 2008

I love trees!

I realize that I have been thinking a lot about trees recently. For example, the Christmas tree in our home...when and where to put it up, how to decorate it and when to take it down. The few weeks that it is up and decorated are pure enjoyment. I love Christmas trees!

I took along a little Christmas tree for our room in Santa Fe--little, as in 12 inches tall (short?), including the pot. I bought three locally-made tin ornaments from one of the Christmas stores near the Santa Fe Plaza for decoration and it was beautiful! I will always love that little tree--so many wonderful memories!

Then there is the huge tree in our backyard that is home to A LOT of squirrels, complete with knot holes that they climb in and out of. They fly from branch to branch like little acrobats and they're just hilarious! I don't know how much time I spend watching those crazy squirrels, but what a luxury! In the past month, several of the trees in our backyard, including this one, were damaged due to some fierce ice storms. We called a tree trimmer for an estimate to get the damage cleaned up. I was afraid he might say the tree needed to be removed as we thought it was basically hollow. However, much to my delight, he said it only needed some major pruning. What great news...I love that tree!

And just yesterday, Rick and I went to church to hang a Tree of Life art piece that we purchased in memory of his Aunt Mona. The piece was hand woven in India with natural and dyed cotton and jute fibers. We bought the piece at a non-profit, fair trade store and information came with it that says, "The Indian symbol for life, security and community is portayed in your wall hanging. In many Indian villages important meetings are held under the largest tree."

I did a small amount of research and learned that the Tree of Life is an ancient and universal symbol and symbolizes many things. My favorite is the Tree of Life as the life giving source that sustains and nourishes us and a symbol of growth. I think I'm going to start looking anew at trees and remember my desire for creative, personal and spiritual growth.

I love trees!


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