Monday, December 8, 2008

Irresistible Holiday Shopping

On Saturday, I went with Shawn and her daughter, Bethany, to Miss Frenchie's Holiday Brocante. The lovely display at the entrance told me that this was going to be good!

Indeed, it was! This is just some of what could be seen looking up towards the balcony. Enchanting!

Karla's and Beth's spaces were set up next to each other and filled with lots of beautiful things...irresistible actually, so purchases were a must! Karla painted this magnificent mural and used it to display her vintage ornaments--soooo pretty.

I also got to meet Carol, Raised in Cotton when we were there. Her displays and items were gorgeous...another fine purchasing opportunity:)

Karla, Beth and Carol have beautiful photos and descriptions of Miss Frenchie's Holiday Market on their blogs. I highly recommend a visit to each one!

Gwen (French by Design at Mission Road Antique Mall) had a booth with antique and flea market finds from France. Gwen and her sister, Teri, travel to France twice a year on buying trips--just look at these treasures!

(Yes, more purchases.)

I am thrilled that this group of incredible women got together and created such an event. I'm especially thrilled that it was held in my very own city--what a FUN day!

It's beginning to feel a little more like December to me, too.

Thanks to all of the talented Miss Frenchie vendors!



3rdEyeMuse said...

holy smokes! that sure looks like s most decadent shopping trip ... oh for an unlimited budget for a spree at an event like that! too fun. thanks for sharing ... but wait ... what did you get?!?

Shawn said...

It was so much fun Marilyn! Love your pictures too!!!