Monday, December 8, 2008

Paris Flea Markets

After my trip to the holiday market on Saturday, I found myself remembering my visit to France 15 years ago. I was there for two weeks and stayed with friends who lived there. There is a real advantage to visiting anyplace with locals as your guide. They know where to go and how to get there and, as was my case, can be a real help with the language--my French was pretty basic.

After Saturday, I recalled my visit to one of the Paris flea markets in Saint Ouen. I pulled out my box of photos and memorabilia to see what I had from my flea market experience. I found a brochure and a couple of photos that I've scanned here.

It was fun to remember that I had really been there, kind of surreal, actually. Globe-hopping travel is not something I do (although I think Rick and I would have a wonderful time giving it a try) so this trip really was once in a lifetime.

I was thinking that it's unfortunate that I only have two photos, but 15 years ago was pre-digital camera and I wasn't in the habit of taking as many different shots back then. I also think that we went to the flea market a day or two before I was to leave and I had already taken hundreds of pictures during my stay. I don't recall buying anything either, also because it was late in my visit and my luggage was already going to be full with earlier purchases. But I have my memories and I feel lucky to have made the trip.

Thanks for letting me share a small walk down memory lane...and, by the way, there was a woman in my photos that looked a lot like me, except she was 15 years younger and 15 years thinner...time does fly!



3rdEyeMuse said...

... thanks for sharing your walk down memory lane ... the last time I was in France I was two and not allowed to hold the camera, let alone actually take pictures. Bummer. Would be nice to make it back that way some day. :) fingers crossed.

Shawn said...

Oh what a fun vacation! It is fun going through pictures that were pre-digital!