Monday, January 11, 2010

Staying Warm, Stitching and Swapping

Too much snow and way too cold temperatures last week weren't good for much of anything except wrapping up in a blanket or snuggling with a baby.

Or stitching...which seems to go hand in hand with wrapping up in a blanket. And the timing is perfect for the latest swap I've taken on...Hoop Up! Stitch & Send Swap.

My theme is "Sweet Dreams" and I put together this flickr mosaic with photos that I like for inspiration...

1. ZZZ's pillowcase, 2. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, 3. Counting Sheep, 4. Pillowcase Fairy, 5. Storybook Collection, 6. cookie loves milk tattoo, 7. Sublime Stitching Sweet, 8. Once Upon A Time..., 9. BLUE MOON week 60, 10. travelers, 11. alarm clock, 12. Sleepy owls - pillow

There are 6 groups participating. Each group has 6/7 stitchers who choose a theme and send out a block of their chosen fabric to the others. Everyone embroiders something according to the theme and sends it back. Some will use the embroidered blocks to make a quilt, wall hanging, pillow, apron, tote bag, etc. I'm very excited to see what my group comes up with--they're all quite gifted and creative!

I finished my piece this weekend...

My idea of stitching up a cozy little bed took on a life of its own and I think it ended up with kind of a Disney-Cinderella feel to it.

Now, on to something for one of my group members! So many ideas and, fortunately, plenty of time--the deadline isn't until April 30th;)



Cheryl said...

Oh how sweet! I love your stitched bed! And the birds and flowers echo spring, which I am sure will be welcome after all of the cold of this winter!


Pretty Things said...

What a lovely mosaic!

cindy said...

So very cute and sweet and yes, kinda "snow white-ish"...hee hee! :D

yapping cat