Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whole Lotta Lovin' Goin' On

Soooo, this is one reason why my poor little blog has been neglected lately...

But, really, which one would you choose?! (Can you believe he's one month old already!)


I am finding time for some embroidery too---for the Hoop Up! Stitch & Send swap. I just started on this block for a group member whose theme is "Japanese Garden"...

...and I just finished this one for a "Whimsical Forest/Woodland" theme.

(pattern by Hannah)


This one isn't for the swap but it's one I started in early autumn (hence, the leaves, acorns and fall colors) but set aside. I worked on it around the holidays to keep my hands busy and finished it up---not sure what I'll do with it yet?

(pattern from Sublime Stitching)

I hope to get around to my regular blog visits again soon. I've missed seeing what you all are up to and your gorgeous creations!



connie said...

We have missed you but I see why you have been taken other directions......... ENJOY!

Alexis said...

With that little cutie around you'd be crazy to be spending time online! It's nice to see your beautiful stitchwork though. Congrats & enjoy!

Pretty Things said...

Oh the baby! I miss those days! Oh wait. I get sleep now. But really! Those days are sooooo precious.

I love your whimsical embroidery, too. My mom taught me embroidery when I was about eight and I've never forgotten it, even though I haven't done much with it other than embellish a few sweaters.

cindy said...

What a cutie pie! And love the stitchin! :D

yapping cat

Shawn said...

Oh Marilyn he is so sweet!!!! Makes me excited for April to get here! Can't wait until Tueday it's been too long!