Saturday, July 3, 2010

Craft Day and Babies

We had a craft day at Karla's earlier this week.

Mary brought the "Your Vintage Gluebook" swap ATC's to sort for mailing. What an amazing sight, and how lucky was I to be there to see them all!

These are the beautiful ATC's I received in the swap...

Vintage Figments






Beth brought her new puppy, Button, with her. Between naps, and other necessities, he found plenty of things to, he's helping Karla choose papers;)

We've missed Shawn and Bethany at recent craft days, but they were back this time with their family's newest addition, Ford! His first craft day and, at 8 weeks old, he too filled the afternoon with naps and other necessities. He's a sweet little boy! I can't believe I hardly took any pictures that day but fortunately Shawn took some, including one of Ford on this quilt I made for him...

The question now is whether he will be the productive crafter his big sister has become--Bethany was busy cutting and glueing before Shawn could unload everything from the car to the studio, lol!

Have a safe and happy July 4th!


Beth Leintz said...

That quilt is such a treasure- you do such nice work.

Cute picture of Button crafting- he's started to "help" me knit, too.

Anonymous said...

Ford is so adorable, and I love the quilt!