Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Quilting Bees and Swaps

In Bee Obsessed, one of my virtual quilting bees, June was my month to receive quilt blocks. I requested 12.5" blocks using reds, oranges and blues. Here are some created for me so far:

1. First block-June, 2. Bee Obsessed-June, 3. June "Bee Obsessed" block from Cyndi, 4. Block #2 for Bee Obsessed, 5. Block #1 for Bee Obsessed, 6. June Bee obsessed, 7. June Block - Bee Obsessed, 8. Bee Obsessed block for Marylinkb, 9. Bee Obsessed June Block, 10. Bee Obsessed #6.1, 11. Bee Obsessed #6.2

Aren't they amazing?!

I've had fun making quilt blocks too. For Stash Busting Bee International, Adrienne requested this block in blues and greens:

And in Sew Connected 2, Kristen sent out men's shirting fabrics and asked for Gee's Bend style blocks:

Modern Siggy Swap is something new for me...

I've seen some signature quilts made with blocks signed by members of a group or family, but frankly found them to be kind of ho-hum. They were made with fabrics I considered dull and uninteresting, although I guess my love for vibrant color and/or pattern could be the reason for that.

So when this swap called for fresh, modern fabrics, I was excited...make 101 4.5" blocks (using this tutorial) and receive 100 blocks back! Can't wait:)

Also new is The Bitty Block Committee on Flickr, a group swapping 3.5" quilt blocks with a theme.

June's theme was "Picnic/BBQ"...

...and a "Beach/Underwater" for July/August...

I've also purchased my fabric for Doll Quilt Swap 9.

I have some ideas for it, one I particularly like, but I usually live with an idea for a bit before starting. The deadline is early September so no rush:)


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Alexis said...

Fantastic bee blocks- looks like you have been busy!