Saturday, July 31, 2010

English Paper Piecing: Hexagons

I think everyone is making hexagons. {Handsome} Hexies, a flickr group, shows us that at least 470 have taken up this addictive pastime!

Twice this summer I've made a short three day visit someplace. One might think that three days away from crafting and/or sewing is no big deal. So I'm not sure what it says about me that, even for that short amount of time, I felt it necessary to take handwork with me and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try these hexagons.

I found a tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter and discovered a wonderful way to pass the time while riding in the car.

And I haven't stopped since, can't stop! Like I said, it's addictive!

I'm making 2" hexies...

and 1" hexies...

And I'm not alone. Or rather, I like to think I'm in good company. Britt has posted tips on joining hexagons left in comments from her readers. She asked to use one of my photos for her blog post---she's moving and all of her hexagons are packed up---and in her email to me she happened to mention that it's driving her crazy not having something to do with my hands! Sounds familiar:)

This is how I store and travel with everything I need. I bought this inexpensive storage container. I like it because the sections come apart and it's easy for me to work directly out of them.

When I want to take my hexagons with me someplace, the sections stack up and snap together securely...and the container fits perfectly in my KC Modern Quilt Guild tote--cool, huh?

Are you looking for a reason to give hexagons a try? Or a reason to make more?!

Sign ups have just started for a Modern Holiday 2 1/2 inch square swap. This is the size used for the 1" hexagons in The Sometimes Crafter's tutorial. Send 50 of the same fabric squares and receive back 50 different fabric squares for making something really wonderful for the holidays. ETA 8-11-10: Swap cancelled...perhaps to be offered at a later date.



Pretty Things said...

Those are GORGEOUS!

jaybird said...

ohhh 2" plume hexies look great!

Melissa said...

Just cruising the KCMQG blogs and saw your hexies. They are gorgeous. Would love to participate in a fabric swap if you decide to get one going.

Crunchy Diva said...

i've just started making hexies myself yours are fantastic.

Tanya said...

Goodness, I just randomly happened upon your lovely blog. You're the kind of crafter I hope to be one day!