Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Bee Blocks

We've had A LOT of rain around here recently so it's been a little tricky to keep caught up on yard work. I haven't had to mow the grass for years, thanks to Rick, but I still like to do the trimming and let me tell you, the bushes, trees and flowers have thrived heartily with all of this rain!

Cloudy, rainy days are good for crafting and sewing though, don't you think? I especially love to sit down and sew on those days and I've been able to make a couple of quilt blocks for my quilting bee groups.

For Amanda in the Sew Connected 2 group:

I fell in love with the colors she chose for her fabrics! She also sent two embroidered pieces to put in the blocks...everybody got a strip with part of the alphabet on it and one with their initials on it. Fun, huh?

And for Lish in the Stash Busting Bee International group:

Lish requested stars, pinwheels or spinning things for her blocks. The red print is the scrap she sent and the other fabrics are from my stash. It turned out to be kind of fun to "shop" through what I already had...and my stash has now been "busted"--by a mere fraction--yay!


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3rdEyeMuse said...

well done, Marilyn ... I really liking the colors of the first one, too. :)