Friday, June 19, 2009

Under The Sea Swap

This is the mermaid I created for the Under The Sea Swap. A mermaid wasn't my initial idea...well, actually it was, but I started thinking that maybe everyone would be making a mermaid and surely I could come up with something different. Even as I pulled out fabrics that reminded me of the sea, and then sewed them together randomly, and then top-stitched like crazy on them, I still wasn't yet thinking 'mermaid'.

But, as you well know, some projects create themselves! I began sketching out a pattern for my newly created fabric piece, drawing the tail fin first. THAT is when she became a mermaid and the rest fell into place.

I had a lot of fun with this lady-of-the-sea. There were parts of her that I'm not used to working with (like her hair) but the process of trial and error (and trial and error) was a good learning experience, and it's always good to stretch my creative self.

She made her way to my swap partner, Bairbre Aine, a couple of weeks ago and I hope she likes her! (I haven't heard from Bairbre Aine yet, but when I contacted her for her snail mail addy, she said her internet service at home wasn't working and she has to go to her local coffee house to log on.) I'm also excited to see how Bairbre Aine's sea creature for me turns out! (But the deadline isn't until June 28th, so I guess I need to settle down and relax for a little while longer.)

This is really fun too...Zan (Wild at Heart Art), the hostess for the Under the Sea Swap, has posted a A Parade of Mermaids on her blog where there are photos of amazing sea creatures made by several of the swappers.

Have a great weekend!



3rdEyeMuse said...

you totally and completely score a perfect 10 on this one ... what a wonderful mermaid you've created. I just know she's loved!!

Pretty Things said...

That's pretty awesome!

Shawn said...

that is adorable! I just love seeing all of your sewing project you amaze me!