Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing With Blocks

Two or three months ago, I played around in my craft room and put together this improv'd quilt block. I didn't have a plan for it so the block stayed in one of my many piles of stuff.

Last week I decided to turn it into a decorative pillow. I added a few more strips of fabric to bring it to 20 x 20 inches--the size of a pillow form I had in the closet.

I liked the way it turned out and put it on our bed for some summer color in the bedroom. Coincidently, this week, a woman in one of my Flickr quilting groups asked the group "What's on your bed?" She said she's had a lot of fun asking quilters this question and has discovered that many haven't yet made a quilt for their own bed and sleep under a purchased comforter, etc.

I definitely fall into that category so I posted this photo in the group and said this was as close as I've come to making a quilt for our bed! One of the more prolific quilters in our group laughed and said "Well, it's a start, right?" I hope she's not holding her breath while waiting:)

Edited to add...

I couldn't stop with just a pillow for "What's on your bed?" because Emma is often on our bed too!

In another Flickr group, Stash Busting Bee International, this is the block I made for Shannon. She's making a quilt for her 9 year old nephew and wanted it to have a hunting lodge look. Well, I can tell you that I never felt more challenged! Shannon sent the deer?...elk?...fabric patch (like I said, challenged and totally out of my element) and the rest of the fabric had to come out of my stash--yikes!

Fortunately, I remembered a set of fat quarters I bought on a trip to Seattle that depicted scenes around Puget Sound. One of the pieces had pine trees on it and on another I found an eagle and a duck--challenge met! And, actually, I ended up enjoying this block:)



Tess said...

Marilyn, I love the colors and fun feel of the pillow. Definitely a bright and sunny/summery mix. And the block with the hunting lodge feel was definitely met. I loved the Puget Sound area (lived there many moons ago) and you did a great job with this challenge. I love it and am sure that if it were for my nephew he would love it too. Thanks for sharing,

connie said...

I love the pillow. It is beautiful and happy. Thank you for the kind thoughts about Karen. She is in surgery as I am writing this. I am anxiously awaiting a phone call.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I love the birdie pillow. I lived in South Florida and this looks like it would be quite at home sitting on white wicker chair in South Beach. So pretty!

3rdEyeMuse said...

you definitely rose to the challenge for the "lodge look", but that PILLOW ... holy smokes, I absolutely LOVE it!!

cindy said...

I always admire your lovely stitching it is a craft that eludes me! LOVE the pillow and what a pretty kitty! :D

yapping cat