Friday, February 22, 2008

Mother Nature's Showy Snow

So, Thursday afternoon, I looked outside and the falling snow was incredibly beautiful!

The snowflakes were HUGE and looked like pieces of cotton candy. They FLOATED to the ground, kinda the way feathers do in the old cartoons when the cat eats a bird and one of the bird's feathers pops out of the cat's mouth and floats in a zigzag motion to the floor, thus alerting sweet kitty's owner that something is amiss. Geez, guess I could have just said that the snowflakes floated in a zigzag motion to the ground, but apparently I have a need for you to get a truly accurate "mind's eye" picture of my snow-watching experience.

Actually, I don't remember seeing snow like it before and for me to say that it was incredibly beautiful in late February when I've really had enough of it weeks ago (all right, already!) is really saying something.

So let's hear it for Mother Nature! She's pulling new tricks out of her bag even when we thought we'd seen every possible cold weather combination--this winter in particular.

Applause, applause!



craftswithcare said...

Hi Marilyn,

Those snowflakes are huge! They realy look lile pieces of cotton candy. We dont' get much snow here in the Seattle area. I loved looking at your pictures and reading your post! Reminded me of those wonderful winter days we spent in Pittsburgh:)!
Thank you for the comment you posted in my blog!
I too was very happy to see you on Etsy!

Mithua said...

Its nice to hear someone be positive about snowflakes, good for you. Personally, I am sick of them, we've see a bit too many this year.

Glad you are doing a birdhouse!I hope you'll post photos during our party on Mar 27th