Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gallery Show Opening

Our son-in-law's father, among other things, is a painter. We attended his gallery show opening last night. Apparently, this is his first show in 20 years. It was at the encouragement of his wife and the gallery owner that he did it and I'm glad he obliged! His paintings are large in scale. The one pictured below (Sunday Page, Dalton Howard, 1980) is 68 x 60 inches. Not only the scale, but the vibrancy and depth of color in the ten (or so) pieces currently showing, produced an amazing energy in the gallery!

Our daughter and son-in-law are just about two of his biggest fans. They have several of his works hanging in their home. (I've helped to hang some of them and it involves more than hammering a nail in the wall. Oh, but the effort is worth it.) And I must tell you that for as long as we have known our son-in-law, he frequently expresses a wish for his dad to paint again. No, not because they need more art for their walls...he always speaks in an encouraging and loving way, and I think the desire comes simply because his dad is good at it.

It was such a pleasure seeing the paintings, all were new to me--I hadn't seen any of the pieces before last night. But, just as pleasurable (maybe more) was speaking with "l'artiste" and hearing him mention that the experience was making him want to take out his 4-inch brush again and get back at it. I saw a sparkle in his eyes (you know the one!) and based on that sparkle, I'm betting he just might do that. And don't you know there are at least a few people who would be thrilled if he does!



Pam Aries said...

Hi Marilyn! Guess what? That's my last name too! THanks for enteringmy OWOH! It is so much fun to meet new people...that's the really great part of it all..well okay the gifties are fabulous to get! Last year I won 4 items and met some life long friends in Blogland!

Amanda Howard said...

We had dinner with Dalt, Jan, and Marian last Friday night at the Topeka Steakhouse. Marian kept telling me how much she enjoyed reading ALL of your blog postings and what a good writer you are. I agree. So does Anja. This is a fun Friday treat!